Dos and Don’ts of Pool Liner Installation

While you may think that pool liner installation is a basic, straight-forward process that you can figure out as you go, it’s not! Although it’s easy enough that you can handle it without hiring a professional, it is difficult enough that a lot of things could go wrong. The last thing that anyone wants to do at any point of a pool liner installation is have to start over! Below are a few basic dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you take on this project.

Do Get Help – You cannot tackle a pool liner installation project all on your own or with only one friend. You need several people to be available, at least for the process of placing the liner. Once you start adding water, they can always leave and you can monitor and work out wrinkles on your own.

Don’t Guess on Measurement – Retailers are not going to allow you to return a liner if the box has been opened and you cannot make a liner that is the wrong size fit no matter how hard you try. Take the time to take proper measurements so that you can ensure an accurate fit.

Do Prep the Above Ground Pool – It is interesting how many people go through the trouble of replacing a liner but they don’t take the extra time to prep the pool. Before you even begin with a pool liner installation, you need to make sure that the surface area is smooth. This means sanding rust, applying foam wall where needed, smoothing sand bottoms or vacuuming out concrete ones. Skipping this step is like waxing your car without washing it, it just doesn’t make sense.

Don’t Drag the Liner – This goes back to having extra hands available to help, you need to be able to carry the liner to where it needs to be, not drag it over edges, railing, tracks or pavement and hope that no damage is done.

Do Replace Damaged Tracks – If you are installing a beaded pool liner, understand that the track plays a huge role in the outcome of installation. Take a few minutes and clean the current track, a shop vac will help. If there are damaged pieces, replace them. If your track can’t properly secure your liner, the installation is in vain. It only makes sense to take the necessary steps to ensure that the project is done correctly the first time so you’re not dealing with repairs in the near future.

Don’t Pick a Cloudy Day – It can be tempting to wait until a cloudy day for your pool liner installation since it will feel cooler but this is not a wise decision. Your liner needs the warmth of the sun to help it stretch to its full size and offer a tight fit.

Do Monitor Filling – When the pool liner installation is complete and it comes time to fill it with water, your project is still not done. You need to be available to monitor the pool every 15 minutes or so to address any wrinkles, add faceplates and check that the liner is fitting as it should be.

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